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The bible of legal issues in the music world.
                                                -- USA TODAY

Without question, this is THE book of music licensing and should be the first place to look for anyone who has a question.
                                                -- The Licensing Journal

This is the rarest of items, an entertaining treatise. The book reads more like a good college course on the subject than a dry recitation of facts and laws relating to music licensing.

                                                -- Howard Lieb, Chair, Committee on the Music and
                                                      Recording Industry, New York Bar Association.

This book is a remarkable gift. It's much more than facts and figures. It's even much more than sound advice and a lifetime of wisdom.

                                                -- Peter Yarrow, songwriter and member 
                                                      of Peter, Paul & Mary

Chapter 26 presents typical 'going rates' for various kinds of music licenses. Can you say 'worth the price of the book'?...

I'm not saying that buying this book gives you every form you need to handle your music publishing, but well. . . Yes, I am saying that buying this book gives you every form you will need to handle your music publishing.

                                                 -- Scott the G-Man, music publisher
                                                      in Music Industry News Wire

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